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MinifyAll is a tool that will minify your code to make it lighter

What is MinifyAll?

MinifyAll is an original tool made by @Josee9988 (jgracia) to minify your web resources easy and fast.

The minifier supports up to 4 main languages: CSS, HTML, JSON and JSON-C. But we also allow the minimization of JavaScript via Terser.

MinifyAll was created as a VSCode extension, but it is now also available as a terminal command, npm package to use in your projects, and as an online tool (MinifyAllWeb).

The project is open source and everyone can freely contribute for the improvement of the tool.

The minifier uses regex as its main tool to minify the code, it finds unused spaces, and useless code and removes it to make your code lighter. Also, it is fully written in TypeScript!

If you liked the minifier make sure you buy me a coffee.

Thank you!